• FNSteel

FNsteel is an independent developer, producer and distributor of customized long steel products. The company has plants in the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden with state-of-the-art facilities for various production and processing activities including pickling, annealing and drawing wire rods.

The company implemented the Quintiq software at its annealing operations in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands.

Quintiq software is used to plan the loading of coils into furnaces simultaneously, resulting in more efficient use of energy. It's also used to manage material and stock, create production orders, plan shipments by sea, and more.

Quintiq can be found performing a key function at every stage of FNSteel's complex supply chain. FNsteel has reported several improvements since implementing Quintiq, including production cycles shortened by 10 percent and furnace capacity utilization increased to over 90 percent. Capacity utilization has also increased and stock levels and customer service improved.