• Mooy Logistics

Mooy Logistics specializes in bundled transport and storage of perishable goods, including fruit and vegetables. The company primarily operates on routes between France and Germany.

Mooy utilizes Quintiq's logistics planner, which has been refined over several years and implemented for some of the world's largest logistics service providers.

Mooy's planners use Quintiq for manual and automated planning, depending on need and preference. The consequences of a disturbance are immediately calculated and communicated in real-time to the planning departments, which enable planners to address bottlenecks or other problems as they occur.

This results in a more efficient planning process and a better use of assets, thus supporting growth and boosting the bottom line.
In our business one has to move constantly. With this innovative software we want to show our clients that we are continuously looking for ways to create a win/win situation for our customers.
Arjen Keijzer,
Commercial Director,
Mooy Logistics