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4 strategies for managing major airport disruptions

True or false: The perfect plan is one that is detailed and planned down to the minute.

False. This is a trap that many planners fall into. The perfect schedule isn’t one that is planned down to the minute; it’s one that can accommodate changes easily. Unplanned events are the rule rather than the exception.

Consider all the factors you need to consider in your schedule - shifts, workers’ preferences, skills, equipment, labor laws. Now multiply it by the number of workers in your operation - hundreds, thousands. Now factor in the time buffers for each shift based on those factors. Can your planning system handle this level of complexity?

And then a snow storm hits your airport.

In this case, you can assign more runway maintenance staff to clear the runways in a few clicks. It’s as easy as selecting from a list of available personnel. The rescheduling will be taken care of by the system, and you can rest assured your schedule will continue to respect your business rules. The update takes place instantly and your employees are mobilized immediately.

Now, let’s talk about the next key strategy for preventing airport disruptions.

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