Quintiq Mobility Server | Quintiq

Discover the power of optimal decision-making anytime, anywhere

The Quintiq mobility server allows you to deploy mobile planning applications swiftly and efficiently throughout the supply chain.

With the power of optimal decision-making extended to a wider group of end users than ever possible before, you can now benefit from minute-by-minute alignment between optimal schedules and the realities of your supply chain. The Quintiq mobility server puts you in control by enabling:

  • Proactive intervention when forward-looking KPIs indicate that targets will not be met
  • Swift, effective responses to day-of-operations disruptions
  • Immediate re-optimization based on real-time intelligence from mobile workers, and more.

Download the briefing today to discover how the Quintiq mobility server can revolutionize the way you deploy new planning processes while helping you create new services and revenue streams.

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