Quintiq Launches Demand Planner Tool Enabling Accurate Demand Forecasting

June 28, 2011 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Quintiq, a leading provider of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions, today announced the  launch of its Demand Planner solution, a powerful forecasting tool that predicts customer demand. This solution is the latest addition to the Quintiq APS product portfolio. With Demand Planner, Quintiq now provides a complete planning suite for manufacturing companies that encompasses all planning horizons from daily scheduling to strategic planning.

Quintiq Demand Planner is an automated, multi-scenario solution that supports both quantitative and collaborative forecasting. Through statistical analysis of historical data or collaborative input, Demand Planner enables the creation of high-quality demand forecasts. With these accurate forecasts, companies can better balance supply and demand, lower safety stock levels and improve delivery performance.

Streamlines organization-wide collaboration for optimal forecast accuracy

Quintiq Demand Planner incorporates historical information from multiple entities within the organization, including data from sales, operations, and finance. Quintiq streamlines the forecasting process by eliminating the tedious manual tasks, fragmented data and human errors usually associated with data collection. This greatly reduces the effort and time needed for forecasting while significantly improving its accuracy. With Quintiq Demand Planner, managers throughout the organization can frequently and easily create demand forecasts according to their departments' specific planning needs.

Pairs with Macro Planner - a complete, integrated planning solution

Outputs from Quintiq Demand Planner can be incorporated into other Quintiq solutions and used to support other critical tasks such as supply and demand planning, available to promise planning and determining optimal safety stock levels.

"Today's unstable global economy means that many traditionally stable markets now commonly face widely fluctuating supply and demand," commented Ivar Schwartzmans, Product Manager at Quintiq. "This has sent manufacturers in search of advanced planning solutions to help them understand, predict and manage customer demands. Quintiq Demand Planner answers this call by providing decision makers with the information they need to optimally balance inventory levels, resource utilization and customer service."

About Quintiq

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