Quintiq Academy

Quintiq Academy

What is Quintiq Academy?

Quintiq Academy provides learning and training content to Quintiq customers, partners and employees around the world.

We deliver content in the form of e-learning, video, audio and podcasts. We have recently begun offering virtual training - a cutting-edge combination of e-learning, Q&A forums, virtual classes and evaluation sessions.

Quintiq Academy is also responsible for Quintiq's external and internal certification programs.

  • Learn from the best - 24/7!
    Quintiq Academy aims to deliver the highest-quality content, all available online. Why online?

    • Convenience: Quintiq Academy content is accessible 24/7, the world over. There's no need to travel to a training facility, sit in a classroom, or listen to endless lectures. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop and a little time.
    • Quality: Quintiq Academy works with our business and functional units to identify topics, and finds an expert to create the content. These are people who not only know most about the topic, but apply their knowledge in customer projects every day. Quintiq Academy's expert instructional designers then work with that subject-matter expert to create e-learning, a podcast, or a video.

    In this way, you benefit from Quintiq's knowledge and experience both via online content and where it really matters - on your project team.
  • What do we offer?
    New to Quintiq or kicking off a first project? Then Quintiq's Customer training path is ideal for you. Structured around the Quintiq Project Life Cycle (QPLC) project methodology, the knowledge is delivered when you need it most.

    Worked with Quintiq before or need more in-depth knowledge? Why not browse our extensive catalog of online learning content - you'll find everything from Quintiq basics such as how to configure your screen all the way to detailed information on modeling QUILL (Quintiq's programming language).

    The Quintiq Academy catalog is always expanding and improving, so even if you've finished a learning path, it's well worth browsing to see what's new.
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