What is the difference between a
good plan and a great one?

A good plan keeps your company afloat and even helps it move forward. A great plan does so much more. It drives your business to achieve all its goals – with agility to adapt to changes and overcome hurdles.

Any plan is only as good as your ability to evaluate it – you need to track and gauge the impact of your decisions. Quintiq gives your planners complete visibility across the supply chain and for all planning levels. This insight allows them to create great plans: robust KPI-based strategies that can be monitored and adapted every step of the way.

Are your plans good or great?

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Who has already discovered SCP&O

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  • Novelis
    World leader in aluminum rolling and beverage can recycling
  • DHL Express
    Global leader in time-definite and express parcel and document delivery
  • Amy's Kitchen
    Leading producer of natural, organic convenience and frozen foods
  • Akzonobel
    Leading paints and coatings manufacturer and specialty chemical producer
  • DB Schenker
    Europe's largest rail cargo transportation company
  • KLM
    Leading international airline serving 131 destinations
  • Alunorf
    The world's largest aluminum rolling and remelt plant
  • Waitrose
    British food retailer renowned for superior produce and customer service
  • Airservices
    Australia's air navigation service provider handling over 4 million flights per year
  • NTV
    The first private operator on the Italian high speed rail network
  • Bae Systems
    Global defense, security and aerospace company
  • Loro Piana
    Esteemed producer of premium Italian textiles and luxury goods
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The evolution of the supply chain

Not long ago, a supply chain was the simple flow of materials and products from supplier to customer. A sequence of processes that could be managed and monitored with spreadsheets and whiteboards.

But those days are gone forever. In the modern business environment, the supply chain needs to be viewed as an opportunity to add value. It needs to be transparent to facilitate the cutting of costs and response times, and streamlined to make each process as efficient and productive as possible. In a competitive world, an optimized supply chain can be a game-changer.

Get a leader's perspective on why many modern supply chain implementations fail.
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The three planning horizons - and why you need to keep your eye on all of them

To succeed you need to plan effectively on operational, tactical and strategic levels. After all, you make business-critical decisions in your day-to-day management, short-term objectives and long-term plans. Leading companies recognize this and invest in systems that assist them at each level.

But why use multiple systems when you can plan for every eventuality with a single advanced solution?

The ultimate multiple-horizon planning system

Quintiq empowers you to make optimal decisions across all planning horizons. With scenario-based, KPI-focused planning tools, you can call on up-to-the-minute data to generate the best plans, whether they involve the distant, medium-term or immediate future – or a combination of all three.

Discover how a single platform gives you visibility over all horizons and generates the smartest plans for:

Finding hidden optimization opportunities?

When it comes to supply chain management, there’s usually room for improvement. One of Quintiq’s specialities is identifying areas in our clients’ operations that are ripe for enhancement – and providing the planning tools to take them to the next level.

With the complete business control Quintiq allows, we could help identify ways to cut costs, strengthen your competitive advantage or create new revenue streams. Many companies around the world have unleashed hidden potential with Quintiq. Why not challenge us to do the same for you?
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