Improve – and prove – the robustness of your supply chain with Quintiq’s world-record-breaking planning and optimization platform

The primary goal of the Quintiq implementation process is to understand every aspect of your business in order to create a 100%-fit model. Quintiq software is built in a way that enables the speedy development of an accurate, stable model. And you can easily update the model at any time to reflect a change in your business rules or processes.

An intuitive planning interface and real-time KPI-focused reporting tools enable departments to work together towards common goals.

Decision-support capabilities help you to make optimal decisions on distribution, inventory and production. It's easy to explore possible future scenarios, and you get fast and reliable insights into the impact of your decisions on key performance indicators.
    • We selected Quintiq for their state-of-the-art software technology and in-depth understanding of our business processes. We have already recorded great business results thanks to the implementation of Quintiq's solution in Constellium rolling mills over the years. Quintiq is clearly a reliable partner in supply chain planning and production optimization solutions.
      Carlos Cruz, Manager of Strategic IT Purchasing, Constellium
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    • What’s the difference between a good plan and a great one?
      Without the right tools to measure the quality of your plan, you’ll never know. Quintiq’s user interface is designed to ensure that you and your planners will always know how planning decisions contribute to your organization’s key performance indicators.
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    • Is your supply chain stress proof?
      Discover how you score in the supply chain stress test. And, find out how leading organizations such as Waitrose and P&O Ferrymasters are gaining significant efficiencies in a highly uncertain environment.
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    • 5 secrets to supply chain distribution success
      Is a common approach to sales quota allocation costing you money? Plan at the last minute or finalize plans well in advanced: Which is better?
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