Workforce planning and optimization – harness the full potential of your people

The Quintiq software for workforce planning and optimization gives you the power to boost productivity and employee satisfaction – no matter how many rules or constraints you have.

Optimizing your workforce means allocating the right resources to tasks based on employees' skills, availability and preferences while respecting regulations and labor agreements. This gets very complex very quickly. Overcome that complexity to enjoy the benefits of intelligent workforce planning and optimization – successful completion of projects, improved performance, and increased employee satisfaction – when you choose Quintiq.

Every plan is practicable with a 100%-fit business model
Your Quintiq workforce planning solution is configured to respect all of your organization's unique constraints, such as contract-specific requirements, labor regulations, and resource availability and capabilities. You define your efficiency, productivity and profitability targets; Quintiq gives you and your planners the tools and the feedback you need to plan according to those targets.
    Make the best workforce planning decisions for your business
    With Quintiq workforce planning software, planners optimize plans through an intuitive planning interface, real-time KPI-focused reporting tools and state-of-the-art automated planning capabilities. You get the flexibility to choose the level of planning support depending on your personal preferences and what stage you're at in the planning process. Call on our world-record-breaking optimization algorithms to optimize an entire plan; get easy-to-interpret insights into the impact of planning decisions; act on suggested changes that are derived from your KPIs.

    • With Quintiq we have better insight into the movements and pay of employees, leading to more visibility and control. In addition, we see savings on operational overhead costs and a strong reduction of overtime.

      Pieter Van den Nieuwenhuizen, Managing Director, G4S Belgium
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    Powerful support for every planning horizon

    Quintiq's workforce planning & optimization software incorporates all your business requirements and rules across all planning horizons. You're able to handle strategic, operational and tactical planning throughout the organization using one integrated platform.

    Managers and planners gain full visibility and control over the entire workforce process – from long-range capacity planning and recruitment to daily task scheduling and real-time rescheduling.

    Quintiq software supports the following planning activities and time windows:
    Execution Planning
    Operational Planning
    Tactical Planning
    Strategic Planning
    Execution Planning
    Gain full control and visibility of your employees and resources in real time
    • Calculate effects of delays and unexpected events
    • Receive real-time alerts and suggestions on how to adjust plans
    • Select a suitable replacement employee from a system-generated list when an employee calls in sick
    • Quickly make revisions to overcome disruptions such as an employee taking emergency leave or a piece of machinery that requires repair
    Operational Planning
    Enterprise Planning
    Strategic Planning