The Q Files
Issue 04 / October 2017
Quintiq World Tour sparks conversations from USA to Singapore
Ronald Thorburn
Global Marketing Manager
Debbie Rovers
Global Marketing Manager
Marie Delphine Achille
Senior Marketing Executive SEA

The recent Quintiq World Tour that took place in Philadelphia (Sept 19), Amsterdam (Sept 28) and Singapore (Oct 10) brought customers and prospects together in the drive to master complexity. This year’s theme ‘Mastering complexity: Planning and optimization in the digital age’ was a natural progression from previous years as increasing volume of complexity is putting immense pressure on organizations to reinvent their processes to stay ahead.

For the keynote address, Quintiq CEO Rob van Egmond and General Manager APAC Kris Kosmala spoke about mastering complexity using visibility, data analytics and supply chain agility. They shared a few examples of how Quintiq customers that have mastered complexity to become more efficient and profitable as they continue to grow.

Putting competition aside to share learnings
Almost 20 customers shared their planning challenges and experience using Quintiq. The speakers included market leaders such as Royal Caribbean Cruises, Amy’s Kitchen, JBS USA, Dubai Airports, Drax, Viva Energy Australia and DHL eCommerce. Attendees came from a range of industries, including oil & gas, aviation, rail, steel, retail, logistics and food processing.

The industry-focused breakout sessions with live industry demos were a hit. Interactive discussions during sessions and breaks provided great opportunities for attendees to gain new insights, and benchmark with other users on Quintiq’s flexibility and scalability in solving their pressing issues, both current and future ones.

Wolfgang Meißner of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG shares the highlight of his experience at the Quintiq World Tour in Amsterdam, “I like the open discussions with other companies outside the steel business. Even though we are from different industries, there was a lot to learn from their challenges and solutions. I really look forward to the next event from Quintiq.”

The event was an eye-opening experience for Alex Nancolas of Drax Power Limited. “Attending the World Tour is a must for any organization using or looking to use Quintiq. For Drax, our visit allowed us to share our experience of integrating Quintiq into our business and utilizing it to optimize our supply chain. It was also a great opportunity to meet other current and future clients and to understand more fully the challenges and puzzles that Quintiq can solve. Listening to the challenges faced by companies in industries like aviation and retail was extremely insightful.”

This year, the Quintiq World Tour in Europe combined multiple locations into one central event in Amsterdam to offer a bigger variety of speakers and more networking opportunities. Attendees welcomed this change as it allowed them to make valuable connections from within and outside their industry, and across other countries in the EMEA region.

Planning that saves lives
The World Food Programme (WFP) also shared its experience working with Quintiq. It was critical for this leader in humanitarian logistics to master complexity in order to achieve its great mission of delivering life-saving food assistance anywhere in the world within 72 hours of a disaster. For WFP, smarter planning is not only about increasing efficiency, but also saving lives.

For more inspiring stories and other Quintiq World Tour highlights on how planning and optimization is changing the world, in business, public service and humanitarian causes, click here.

High-level connections at Gartner London
Ronald Thorburn
Global Marketing Manager

For the second time this year, Quintiq participated in the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, held in London, UK on September 20 and 21. The conference provides an avenue for supply chain leaders to discover, evaluate and compare the latest technologies, services and partnerships.

The theme this year was ‘ACT: Aspire, Challenge and Transform in a Disruptive World’. Participants learned how to anticipate disruptions, and adapt and transform supply chains to deliver reliability and performance.

We had two sessions in London. In the first one, Quintiq customer, the Dutch agricultural cooperative Agrifirm, shared its experience on getting extra value from its supply chain when it integrated production planning with logistics planning. The presentation delivered by Agrifirm Supply Chain Specialist Henk Jan Rijks generated a lot of interest in cross-functional planning at the Quintiq exhibition booth later. The case study presentation gave prospects the confidence that we can deliver what we promise.

The second session was by Quintiq General Manager Francois Eijgelshoven, who spoke about mastering complexity in the digital age. He addressed the opportunities for value creation in the digitalization of industries.

The Gartner event was a great opportunity for us to have discussions and in-depth conversations with attendees who recognize the urgency in planning for the future in order to stay competitive in a fast-paced world....Read more +

The Gartner event was a great opportunity for us to have discussions and in-depth conversations with attendees who recognize the urgency in planning for the future in order to stay competitive in a fast-paced world. Meetings with Gartner analysts during the event resulted in learnings that will enable us to ensure that our solutions continue to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market and address the challenges our customers are facing now and will have to deal with in the future.

Quintiq will be participating in the next Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, USA on May 14 – 17, 2018. We hope to see you there.

Register here by March 16, 2018 to enjoy early bird pricing. The 2018 event will include an expanded, pre-event ‘Industry Value Chain Exchange Series’ on May 14.

Making waves in flight,
sea and rail

NATS had a rostering challenge with 13 airports in the UK; 1,500 employees; and 5,000 to 7,000 flights daily. Here’s how Quintiq ensured allocation of the right people with the right skills at the right time.

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European Gateway Services (EGS) partners with Quintiq to raise standard planning strategies in intermodal logistics to whole a new level of intelligence.

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Quintiq goes live at KiwiRail after a rapid nine-week implementation, all set to enhance workforce planning and rostering for the rail service’s 3,400 staff across the country.

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Solve the meat disassembly puzzle in this three-part webinar series
Gijs Hofman
Senior Business Consultant

The meat processing puzzle is full of complexity and unpredictability unique to the industry. Quintiq senior consultant and meat supply chain expert Gijs Hofman, accompanied by Richard Brown and Nils Paul Beaumond from food research and consultancy firm Gira, dive deep and break it all down for you in an informative three-part webinar series that takes you all the way from disassembly to processing.

Gijs and Richard kick things off with disassembly of livestock – an extremely complex, calculation-intensive planning process. At this stage, as a meat producer, your goal is to ensure animal welfare while maximizing the value of products produced for your customers. How do you juggle these processes to optimize profits in a fast-changing marketplace of notoriously low margins? The two experts share strategies on avoiding bad decisions that result from poor visibility, improving production planning and optimizing livestock disassembly and accurately matching supply levels to demand, even when last-minute disruptions threaten to derail your plans.

Gijs is joined by Nils in part two of the series to discuss workforce planning and order fulfillment. How do you ensure that you always have enough personnel with the right skills and at the right time? How do you prime your systems for optimal on-time order fulfillment? And how do you assign and combine available materials to the right end product?

Richard rejoins Gijs for the third and final part of the webinar series. In part three, they discuss the importance of real-time visibility of surpluses and deficits when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction levels. They also share effective ways to maximize the efficiency of your processing operations as well as reduce sourcing costs, inventories and work-in-progress stocks.

Watch now
Solving the processing puzzle

with Gijs Hofman and Nils Paul Beaumond

The final piece of the puzzle

with Gijs Hofman and Richard Brown

In retail, nothing matters more than delighting the customer

“Nobody matters more to retailers than the customer. Every decision you make is with the goal of delighting your customers and winning their loyalty. How they experience your brand is key, whether it is a great delivery experience that gives them what they want exactly when they want it or an in-store experience that features consistently exceptional service, no matter which outlet they visit. Here’s how some Quintiq retail customers have done it and how you can achieve it too.”

Ryan Wehner
Business Unit Director Logistics & Chairman, Retail Committee
Filling empty miles to maximize profits

Empty miles rob retailers of fuel, time and money. Here’s how one retailer filled up its empty miles to cut costs and boost delivery performance.

Customer service is king

Find out how a major European retailer ensures excellent customer service consistently across all stores nationwide with smarter workforce demand planning.

Integrated planning in retail logistics

Join senior business consultant and logistics expert Dr. Tobiaz Schulz as he shares with you the fundamentals of a fully integrated retail supply chain.

A plan to master complexity – do you have one?
3PLs face challenge of innovation


Oct 25-27, Berlin Visit Quintiq (Booth P13) at the most important annual logistics event in Europe and find out how you can turn your biggest logistics challenges — rising costs, increasing demands, greater complexity — into opportunities.

Nov 9, Istanbul Join experts and peers from the steel, aluminum, copper, metals and mining industries for a day of discussions and networking. This one-day event featuring speakers from Europe’s metals community is not to be missed.

Nov 16, Online Many questions arise from the oil & gas downturn: How do you maximize value to prepare for a future of low oil prices? What are the potential win-win situations? How can optimization help? Find out in this webinar.