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Part 1: Crew fatigue management: Planning reliable service and safety

Experts in this chapter

Pete Nelson                   Solutions Architect
Daniel Crown               Business Unit Director, Workforce

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about railroad safety risks? Chances are, you’re thinking about something technical such as excessive loads, aging locomotives, or speeding. But the real, and often overlooked danger, could be your overworked train drivers or crew.

Better crew fatigue management is only a small part of running a railway. To truly get ahead of the competition, railways have to go beyond preventing accidents and getting passengers from A to B. This requires a new approach to workforce management.

In this lesson, hosted in partnership with Mass Transit Magazine, our planning experts tackle the questions that rail operators need to answer to get better at resolving potential hours of service violations before they occur.Pete Nelson and Dan Crown detail the dangers of fatigue for rail operators, the scenarios in which poor planning can lead to costly fines and violations, and how short-term dispatching decisions can result in long-term headaches for planners.


Crew fatigue management: Planning reliable service and safety
An in-depth look at the growth of safety as a key concern for rail operators and the complexities of complying with hours of service regulations for rail planners.

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