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Part 2: Boosting rail efficiency - without expanding your network

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Sara Gifford                         Chief Solutions Officer, DELMIA Quintiq

Passenger rail may have taken a back seat due to the emergence of personal transportation and the democratization of air travel in the last few decades, but it is now back with a vengeance. Public transportation ridership in the United States has increased by 34% between 1995 and 2012, bringing passenger numbers to levels not seen since 1957.

Unfortunately, many existing legacy systems are struggling to handle increased demand from passengers. Whether it’s because of limited options to expand railway infrastructure, aging equipment and rolling stock, or ever more complex labor rules and regulations, operators are forced to find new ways of meeting demand using only the crew and rolling stock currently at their disposal.

Join DELMIA Quintiq’s Chief Solutions Officer, Sara Gifford, in this lesson and explore the ways to uncover hidden efficiencies in your operations using existing resources. You’ll learn how to make better use of your crew, create more robust plans, and leverage new technologies.


Webinar: 3 Ways to Boost Rail Efficiency
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