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Part 3: Optimized crew scheduling on the day of operations

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Dr. Edwin Lohmann                 Business Unit Director, Workforce

As any good rail planner knows, carefully constructed long-range schedules for crew and fleet resources can stray off track when service begins. But what makes planning on the day of operations so difficult?

The potent combination of unexpected disruptions, service level pressures, and crew communication challenges mean that dispatchers and planners face an uphill battle in resolving issues with track, fleet, or crew quickly, in order to maintain service levels, while also accounting for long-term strategic goals.

In this presentation, given at Quintiq World Tour Philadelphia, Dr. Edwin Lohmann discusses the unique challenges involved when rail operators face the task of scheduling (and rescheduling) crews on the day of operations. He will break down the complexity that makes staying efficient and compliant so difficult, and provide strategies to help you better communicate changes to your crew and keep employee satisfaction high. Edwin will also share how advanced technologies like predictive analytics are helping planners make smarter decisions fast to keep operations on track.


Optimizing your workforce scheduling in the day of operations
DELMIA Quintiq Business Unit Director Dr. Edwin Lohmann goes into detail about the importance of day of operations scheduling and the challenges that would have an impact on it.

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