Arjen Heeres

Chief Operating Officer

Arjen Heeres joined DELMIA Quintiq as chief operating officer in 2000. He works closely with CEO Victor Allis to manage the rapid growth and expansion of DELMIA Quintiq. He is also a member of the DELMIA Quintiq board of directors, alongside Victor Allis, Jeffrey Vail, Rob van Egmond and Anko van Kreij. As COO, Arjen Heeres's focus is on global strategic accounts and opportunities. Arjen has almost twenty years’ experience in the IT industry. He is based in DELMIA Quintiq’s European headquarters, in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

Career Highlights

  • During Arjen’s twelve-year tenure as COO, he has seen DELMIA Quintiq grow from a group of five Dutch computer scientists to an international company with some 700 employees in offices around the globe. He oversees operations to contribute to DELMIA Quintiq's continued growth of about 40 percent annually.
  • Arjen Heeres started his career at Esso Benelux's headquarters in Breda, the Netherlands, where he performed business analyst and commercial functions. In 1994 he joined Bolesian, a daughter company of Capgemini specialized in developing advanced systems based on Artificial Intelligence. He was commercially responsible for the manufacturing markets and was promoted to country manager of Germany. It is here that Arjen first met the five co-founders of DELMIA Quintiq: Victor Allis, Wido-Bart van Steenbergen, Seppo Pieterse, Patrick Frants and Paul-Erik Raué.
  • After Bolesian, Arjen joined Imtech, a stock market listed technical service company with more than 20.000 employees, as Managing Director of its IT daughter company, Turnkiek IT systems.


Arjen holds master’s degree in management science from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.