Dr. Victor Allis

Chief Executive Officer

It’s no surprise that Victor is CEO of a company known for solving puzzles. He’s been a puzzle fanatic all his life. He describes the day he was given his first Rubik’s cube as one of the best days of his life up to that point. (He solved it later the same week, of course.) As an academic, he’s known for his ingenious AI solutions to Connect Four, Qubic and Go-Muku. As the CEO of DELMIA Quintiq, he’s known as the guy you call when you have a planning puzzle no one else can solve. When Victor isn’t solving puzzles, he puts his tenacity and his healthy disregard for the impossible into endurance running.

As CEO, Victor's focus is on all non-European business units, the Global Development Center, R&D, project delivery, and product development. He is based in DELMIA Quintiq’s North American headquarters, Radnor, Pennsylvania.

Career Highlights

  • Victor Allis co-founded DELMIA Quintiq in 1997.
  • From 1995–1998 Victor worked for Bolesian as a senior consultant and manager. Bolesian is a knowledge technology firm in the Netherlands, a daughter company of Capgemini specializing in developing advanced systems based on Artificial Intelligence. It is here that Victor met two other co-founders of DELMIA Quintiq: Wido-Bart van Steenbergen and Paul-Erik Raue. Victor also worked closely with Bolesian colleague Arjen Heeres, who later joined DELMIA Quintiq.
  • Victor is a well-known computer scientist in the field of artificial intelligence, with more than 30 publications to his name. He has been credited with creating AI solutions for the games Connect Four, Qubic and Go-Muku. Prior to working in the IT industry, Victor held the post of Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam from 1993–1995. There he met students Seppo Pieterse and Patrick Frants who later co-founded DELMIA Quintiq with him.


Victor holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Maastricht and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.


Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year
Six-time gold medal Dutch Programming Champion, DELMIA Quintiq company teams
Six-time gold medal winner, International Computer Olympiad
Silver medal winner at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Paris 1983 as representative of the Netherlands (14th of 186 participants from 31 countries)
Dutch Basketball Champion