Chief Executive Officer

"One of the most exciting things about being CEO is being able to dream about the future."

Who is Rob van Egmond?

A futurist

DELMIA Quintiq chief executive officer Rob van Egmond has always been something of a futurist. Back in ’95, he developed consumer route optimization software, the first of its kind in the Netherlands, long before Google Maps. He then moved on to develop cutting-edge analytics software that provided insights to broadcasters and publishers in order to optimize advertising revenues.

A technologist with a brain for business

Common throughout Rob’s career is the focus on making sophisticated technology (and math) useful to the business world. For his first 12 years with DELMIA Quintiq, he ran some of the largest European business units, eventually becoming vice president of EMEA. Over the years, Rob has been instrumental in closing key deals, opening new markets and identifying valuable growth potential for our customers. He set up DELMIA Quintiq Australia & New Zealand, one of the company’s best performing business units.

A customer-centric CTO

In Rob’s role as DELMIA Quintiq chief technology officer in 2015, he continued to look to the future, making sure that DELMIA Quintiq technology would remain at the cutting edge in the long term. He worked closely with R&D to unlock the transformative power of supply chain planning and optimization. Rob typically spent 50% of his time talking to customers and prospects. In this way, he kept himself and his team of technologists grounded in reality and in touch with the needs of our customers.

A visionary CEO

In 2016, CEO and founder Victor Allis nominated Rob as his successor. As DELMIA Quintiq CEO, Rob has his eye on more distant horizons. His five-year plan builds on the company’s strengths in the areas of supply chain analytics, optimization and the cognitive supply chain. With the support of his newly formed board, Rob is steering DELMIA Quintiq towards a bright future.


Rob holds a master’s degree in operations research from Erasmus University Rotterdam.