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    Week 1
    Week 1: Trends and challenges in aviation planning
    We will take an in-depth look at the trends and challenges in aviation planning, with a particular focus on workforce planning.
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    Week 2
    Week 2: A 3-step approach to optimizing aviation resource planning
    Are your airport resource plans good enough, or could your planners do better?
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    Week 3
    Week 3: 7 strategies for 7 planning challenges
    In this lesson, we’ll focus on 7 common challenges such as equipment failure, last-minute changes, and the strategies to overcome them.
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    Week 4
    Week 4: 3 concerns in fatigue risk management, and how to overcome them
    Alexis Brathwaite, President & CEO of IFATCA, discusses IFATCA's view on ATCO fatigue risk management.
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    Week 5
    Week 5: Proven ways to achieve planning efficiency
    Discover how companies such as Fraport AG, LSG Sky Chefs-Brahim and Transavia Airlines overcame their planning challenges to become today’s industry leaders.
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    Week 6
    Week 6: Best practices in aviation
    We share the top trends and challenges in aviation planning in this new webinar.
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