4 reasons not to miss the Quintiq World Tour

Another year, another stretch goal. Your boss is expecting you to squeeze every last dollar of efficiency out of your plans. With pressure to deliver results, does your wish list look something like this?


What if you could spend a day talking to industry experts for insights to improve efficiency? Proven strategies to convince your boss to try?

The Quintiq World Tour is designed to help you fulfil your wish list. Are the presentations and breakout sessions really worth the time away from your desk? The answer is yes. Here are 4 reasons why.

1. Actionable insights

It’s great to hear about new [disruptive] technologies, do some benchmarking and understand how companies have executed these technologies.
Robert Meyers, Planning Manager Americas, BP Lubricants, Quintiq World Tour Philadelphia 2014

Attended jam-packed supply chain events only to leave with stacks of brochures and notes that you can’t put into practice? You’ll have a different experience at the Quintiq World Tour 2015, starting with the keynote speech by Quintiq CEO Dr. Victor Allis. He’ll explore ways in which optimization can harness the full potential of your organization’s people and planning processes.

How much control do you have over your supply chain? Is your supply chain equipped to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace today? Are your tools propelling you forward or holding you back? Our lineup of experts will explore these ideas at length during the event.

Be prepared to leave the Quintiq World Tour 2015 with insights that you can start implementing immediately. Sign up today.

2. Experienced industry speakers

Today we have technologies that allow us to sense channel demand…to be able to get over the bullwhip effect.
Lora Cecere, Supply Chain Insights, Quintiq World Tour Philadelphia 2014

This year, the Quintiq World Tour will feature expert speakers including:

  • Kevin Gaskell, Former CEO/Managing Director, BMW, Porsche and Fairline Boats Limited
  • Kasper Hounsgaard, Managing Partner, Copenhagen Optimization
  • Chris Saynor, CEO, eft
  • Andreas Novak, Director Manufacturing, Vlisco Netherlands
  • Adrian Gonzalez, President at Adelante SCM and founder/host of Talking Logistics

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your business challenges with experts who know your industry well. More speakers are being added weekly. Sign up to get updates.

3. Network with industry peers

It’s great to meet companies that are leading the way in supply chain.
Deborah Ellis, Director, Carpenter Ellis, Quintiq World Tour Melbourne 2014

Attended by hundreds of supply chain and IT professionals, the Quintiq World Tour is the perfect opportunity for you to grow your professional network.

Will automation replace human planners in the near future? What does it take to become an expert planner? And has anyone actually mastered big data?

Get a fresh perspective at the Quintiq World Tour 2015.

4. It’s FREE

Attendance to the Quintiq World Tour is free. Come, participate, network and leave with a much better chance of achieving your wish list for 2015.

Solve your planning challenges at the Quintiq World Tour

Quintiq World Tour 2015 kicked off in Doha, Qatar, on March 31, 2015, with notable speakers including LNG producer, RasGas, and metal producer, Elval. Future stops include London, Beijing, Paris, Sydney and Philadelphia, with the tour landing in Amsterdam in November. Confirm your seat today.

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