Marcel Dreef

Marcel Dreef

Director, Products & Solutions

I love playing with numbers, words, pictures and music. And I want to do more of all of that, but time is always scarce. The desire to have more time is one of the reasons I am impatient with inefficiency, and why I enjoy lifehacking. But even then making conscious choices and careful planning are required to make it all work. In that sense I consider myself my most demanding customer. For my PhD research I spent 4 years studying the mathematics of poker and other casino games. I thought I wouldn't be able to find something even more fun to work on after that, but I am glad that I found Quintiq to prove myself wrong. As Neil Young sang in the year I was born: "In the field of opportunity it's plowin' time again!"

What great airports do differently

23 Feb 2015

The airport had known about the early arrival at least three hours beforehand. Why were they so unprepared? Wasn’t Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) supposed to prevent the kind of fiasco I’d just experienced? Well, you’d think so, but the reality is…

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