Reinier van Leuken

Reinier van Leuken

Business Unit Director, Business Unit Manufacturing

With a MsC in Computer Science and a PhD in Pattern Recognition / Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms, I love working with formal structures and concepts. And as a managing consultant at Quintiq (Metals and Manufacturing), I can do what I love most. Nothing feels better than seeing the benefits of applying logic and structure. So whether it's improvising a saxophone solo on the chords, scales and patterns of a jazz standard, or delivering business value to our customers by applying the right set of techniques to their planning and scheduling challenges, I'm all in.

Parachuting Ants

Optimization vs. Automation (Part I)

21 Aug 2012

Generally speaking, optimization is about finding an optimal solution to a problem. At Quintiq, we use optimization techniques to solve planning problems, such as finding routes for truck deliveries, creating rosters for specialized personnel or finding optimal sequences of orders …

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