Get on track: 30 minutes to optimized crew & fleet planning

“How can I fully optimize my crew and rolling stock plans?”

This is the question on every rail and public transport operator’s mind. Small incremental improvements are already making a big difference to your bottom line. What if you could fully optimize your crew and rolling stock plans including adding enough slack time to ensure the robustness and quality of your services?

Get on track: 30 minutes to optimized crew & fleet planning

In the coming weeks, we’ll be hosting two webinars for rail and public transport operators, focusing on crew and unit diagramming. Explore how to turn your crew diagramming into a competitive advantage and get insights into optimizing your rolling stock plans. Read on to learn more.

Webinar: Delivering cost effectiveness with optimized crew diagramming

When planning is as complex and tedious as crew diagramming, public transport providers risk operating with inefficient plans that are more expensive to run.

Join our rail and public transport expert, Linda Veldhuizen, for a webinar on improving crew planning for higher cost efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

In this webinar, explore how you can create crew diagrams that minimize costs and increase productivity without compromising business rules and KPIs. Also, discover how you can prevent potential disruptions by adding slack time to crew diagrams. Apply Linda’s expert advice to your operations and watch your profits, and customer satisfaction levels, grow.

Are you ready to turn your crew diagramming into a competitive advantage? Sign up for the webinar now.

Webinar: Optimized unit diagramming for increased customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness

Rail and public transport companies need unit diagrams that are both reliable and cost effective. But with numerous rolling stock types and complex infrastructure constraints to consider, planners may find it a challenge to produce cost-efficient unit diagrams.

Join our rail and public transport expert, Dirk Jekkers, to learn how you can create optimized unit diagrams that:

  • Minimize operating costs
  • Maximize the utilization of rolling stock
  • Take into account rolling stock variety
  • Integrate business rules, constraints, and KPIs
  • Prevent potential disruptions

Boost the efficiency of your rolling stock plans. Sign up for the webinar now.

Registration for the final webinar of this series – ‘Getting the competitive advantage in franchise bidding’ – will be open soon. Stay tuned.


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