How high can you score on the shop floor?

Have you seen National Geographic’s Megafactories? The show takes viewers into some of the most iconic car factories in the world. Seeing how these cars – especially souped-up supercars – are manufactured is impressive enough. But the amount of planning required to keep production running smoothly is mind-blowing.

Want a real taste at car production planning? Introducing the brand-new desktop game, Speedy Car Factory.

Play Speedy Car Factory

Score high on the shop floor

In Speedy Car Factory, you have to balance delivery performance and due dates. That sounds easy enough, but here’s where it gets tricky: You need to monitor incoming orders, select the most profitable ones, schedule them on your production line, and produce the cars – all at the same time. Your ultimate goal: Make the highest profit while maximizing capacity utilization.

This forces you to wrestle with questions that are part of a planner’s everyday life: Which cars should you produce and in which quantity? What happens when a more profitable order comes in? Should you compromise on existing orders? They are all tough decisions that you need to make – and fast.

Bring out the puzzle solver in you. Take a break and play Speedy Car Factory.

Score high in the real world

Fun games aside, producing cars is much more complicated. You face far more production lines, models, engines, features and options, all of which complicate the bill of materials.  Without the right automotive planning solution, you risk higher costs and lower profits, which could lead to loss of market share. Don’t get left behind. Find out how you can easily master planning complexity in the automotive industry and zoom ahead of the competition.


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