[Infographic] 5 common routing rules to break

5 common routing rules that need to be retired

Let’s face it. Unless your trucks have the ability to teleport and the capacity of a Maersk Triple-E ship, there is nothing simple about route planning and optimization.

When you need to manage hundreds or thousands of resources in different conditions, along with a number of other variables, how useful is it just to know “the shortest route between two points”?

What about the capacity of individual trucks and the full fleet?

What about the number of hours a driver can work?

What about customer expectations and time windows?

The bottom line is this: What sounds good in theory may in fact, be costing you time and money.

Here are the 5 common routing rules that must be retired – and more importantly, why. View the infographic in a downloadable PDF.

5 common routing rules that need to be retired


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