Regional & global perspectives: Highlights from Quintiq World Tour Singapore 2015

Quintiq World Tour: Remember when we asked whether the presentations and panel sessions were worth the time away from your desk? Well, according to attendees of Quintiq World Tour Singapore, the answer was a resounding yes!

Highlights from Quintiq World Tour Singapore 2015

The full-day event (and I mean full!) in Singapore marked the halfway point for World Tour events in 2015 – six down, six to go. There were expert speakers, provocative insights and plenty of networking opportunities, of course, yet it is precisely because of this dynamic environment that no two events are ever the same. Let’s revisit some of the things that made Singapore’s so special.

1. Twice as many – and twice as electrifying – panel sessions

Last year the panel session proved so popular that this time round we made room for two. Once again the lively discussions proved to be among the day’s biggest crowd-pleasers. Audience members asked questions and got the benefit of multiple perspectives from speakers and other panelists, including Syed Ali from Zalora,  Fausty David from FCI Electronics, Jaya Moorthy from Hewlett Packard, and Travis Wong from Baker Hughes.

2. Regional focus

Most attendees were from Asia and Southeast Asia, where infrastructure, business practices, and supply chains pose challenges unrecongizeable to people outside the region. While best global practices and insights were shared, attendees also had a unique opportunity to discuss issues that are closer to home.

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3. Tough truths

Transformation and innovation ain’t easy, as we were reminded over and over again. Charlie MacDonald of Telstra advised the audience to “innovate outside your organization”, and author Vivek Sood put the pressure on by reminding us that “Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Zara, Uber, and AirBNB, have one thing in common; their CEOS are all supply chain leaders.” Meanwhile, former MIT professor Dr. Mahender Singh admonished those who shoot themselves in the foot:

4. New perspectives

A day of seeing things differently can be summed up in a slide that Vivek Sood used to illustrate one of the many obstacles that supply chain professionals have to surpass. Adapting the parable of blind men who each grab hold of a different part of an elephant, and thereby each ‘sees’ it as something completely different, Vivek took it a step further. Just think, he told the audience, about how each department in the same organization would describe the company’s supply chain. Read more insights from Vivek Sood.

5. James Cameron, here’s an idea for your next movie

And speaking of perspectives, what happens when you are planning a load based on only the top view of your vessel?  Or just the side view? During his demo of the Quintiq planning and optimization solution for just such a puzzle, Chow Sai Keet showed why partial-fit planning tools are today’s giant icebergs.

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