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    Week 1
    Week 1: Understanding consumer attitudes
    Discover what consumers really want, and what you need to build a customer-centric supply chain.
  • 25
    Week 2
    Week 2: Next-generation supply chains
    Explore the state of the CPG industry and the challenges it is facing today. Find out the key capabilities of a next-gen supply chain suited to overcome those challenges.
  • 1
    Week 3
    Week 3: Production planning and optimization
    Learn how Western Digital overcame its challenges in search of a more efficient, systematic and controlled production process.
  • 8
    Week 4
    Week 4: Supply chain optimization in manufacturing
    Understand why not all optimizers are equal, the four stages of supply chain optimization maturity, and the eight benefits of a mature planning solution.
  • 15
    Week 5
    Week 5: Effective S&OP strategies
    Discover how to improve the accuracy of your forecast and demand planning. Gain strategies to increase control and visibility in your supply chain.
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    Week 6
    Week 6: Keys to smart planning
    Examine the four key ingredients that give a company the speed, flexibility, and foresight it needs to achieve breakthrough results.
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