Your customers are your true north

We begin the program with a simple fact: Your customers are your true north.

Customer attitudes are changing. It's no longer just about what a product does, but also how it came to be. Your customers are demanding better design, eco-friendly materials, and ethical manufacturing processes. And in today's hyperconnected world, that information is often only a click away.

Your expert this week is former DELMIA Quintiq CMO, Jeff Vail. Jeff is a marketing guru with over 20 years’ experience, and has held leadership roles at top technology companies such as SAP, Siemens, and Unisys. His specialties includes strategy and product management.

In this video, he’ll share his insights on what customers want, and how you can shape your supply chain to meet their expectations.


The customer centric supply chain


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Experts in this lesson

Jeffrey Vail, Former CMO DELMIA Quintiq