• Air Traffic and Navigation Services

ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services) is the sole provider of air traffic, navigation, training and associated services within South Africa and parts of Africa.

Responsible for 10% of the world’s airspace, ATNS manages more than half-a-million arrivals and departures every year. It also trains new controllers each year and extends this training to other air navigation service providers (ANSPs) in the region.

A growing company in a highly-dynamic environment, ATNS required a workforce planning platform to plan daily tasks and rosters for its 600 controllers. The solution would also need to handle activities related to the training and testing for trainee controllers.

Quintiq was selected based on its ability to meet air traffic control-specific requirements and the fact that the platform was already being used by the world’s largest ANSPs.

The integrated planning solution by Quintiq accommodates all scheduling constraints and rules set by regulatory bodies such as the South African Civil Aviation Authority and the requirements of labour unions.
We were very impressed by Quintiq and its ability to deliver a solution for our specific needs. ATC requires all systems to be fully compliant with its safety regulations, and Quintiq allows us to provide a safe and reliable service to our customers. It was clear from speaking to references that they are able to help us achieve this as well as improve our cost effective service delivery.
Thabani Mthiyane,