• Airservices

Airservices is Australia’s air navigation service provider (ANSP), responsible for managing and monitoring Australian airspace, which covers approximately 11% of the earth’s surface.

Of its approximately 4,000 employees, it has almost 1,000 air traffic controllers working at two major centers in Melbourne and Brisbane, four terminal control units and 29 towers at international and regional airports.

With Quintiq's end-to-end ANSP workforce planning solution, Airservices creates plans and rosters for air traffic controllers and support staff in the medium- and short-term. The Quintiq solution is integrated with Airservices’ IT environment and SAP HR & Payroll system.

Since implementing Quintiq, Airservices reports increased visibility of all stages of the rostering process. Management is better equipped to ensure compliance with multiple industrial agreements as well as the regulatory and licensing requirements.

Quintiq also delivers an enhanced fatigue risk management system that integrates Airservices’ fatigue rule set and associated processes to anticipate and minimize the impact of fatigue.
The Quintiq solution provided a level of vision over the entire rostering process that didn't exist before. This has led to increased management capability and management oversight reporting capabilities which have identified areas to reduce costs and seize latent capacity within the network.
Nigel Fitzhardinge,
Resource Planning and Rostering Manager,
Air Traffic Control Group at Airservices (2013)