• Allgemeine Gold

Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG is one of Europe's leading suppliers in the integrated precious metals business. Operations include the recovery, manufacture and trade of precious metals and precious metal products.

With subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Thailand, Allgemeine serves customers in a broad range of industries around the globe. Allgemeine's Quintiq solution plans and optimizes production flow. Every aspect of planning, including customer specifications, delivery dates and shifting bottlenecks, is taken into account.

Quintiq enables Allgemeine to reduce stock levels by optimizing resource exploitation, and improve delivery performance by shortening throughput times and ensuring stricter observance of delivery dates.

With Quintiq, Allgemeine planners and managers are able to avoid repeated entries of the same order. There is transparency along the entire production chain. For improved communication between planning and production, the system also visualizes all manual planning decisions, allowing effective coordination between individual departments; for example, between the silver smelter and target production. It also visualizes current stock levels, changes in production and disruptions caused by machine breakdown or maintenance work.
We selected Quintiq because it offers benefits in terms of optimizing our inventory levels and getting our high-quality products ready in good time for delivery. It strengthens our market position.
Dr. Peter Tews,
Production & Technology Director,