• Aluar

Aluar is the only primary aluminum producer in Argentina and, with a production capacity that will soon reach 410,000 tons for that division alone, is among the largest primary aluminum production companies in the world.

It exports 70% of its output to manufacturers around the globe. Aluar's activities include the production of primary aluminum, as well as semi-fabricated and fabricated products used in transportation, construction, packaging, electrical conductors and kitchenware.

Aluar uses Quintiq software to plan at strategic and tactical levels. The software was installed as part of a major upgrade of Aluar's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and supply chain planning and optimization solutions (SCP&O), enabling Aluar to gain maximum benefit from its new technology investments.

The Quintiq solution, a strategic multi-scenario and supply chain performance management tool, enhances Aluar's ability to optimize its product mix, maximize capacity utilization, improve customer service, optimize inventory levels and eliminate hidden costs. The project implementation was completed within budget and on schedule, in only six months.
Without a doubt, Quintiq has the most experience in solving planning challenges in the aluminum industry, and the solution has the added advantage of proven success in integrating with Oracle ERP systems, which we already had in place ...
Ivone Jacobsen,
leader of the Software Development Department,