• Alunorf

Alunorf is the world's largest aluminum rolling and remelt plant, shipping more than 1.5 million tons of aluminum a year. The plant leads the industry in setting new standards for aluminum processing. Alunorf was founded in April 1965 as a joint venture between Novelis and Hydro.

Alunorf has been working with Quintiq for over twelve years now to develop and optimize plans and processes throughout its operations. Alunorf is achieving remarkable results in efficiency and productivity with Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization platform, including:

  • 33% reduction in inventory levels
  • 44% increase in output
  • 90% on-time delivery performance, compared to a pre-Quintiq 40%

Alunorf has recently signed an agreement that will lead to the integration of all plans and processes along its supply chain to enable collaborative scheduling with Alunorf's suppliers and partners.
With the company-wide transparency provided by the Quintiq Company Planner and its analysis capabilities, we have begun to work with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): delivery performance, lead times and inventory.
Sylvia Siebenhaar,
Head of Order and Capacity Planning,