• Assan Aluminyum

Assan Aluminyum, a subsidiary of Kibar Holding A.S. and one of Turkey's 50 largest companies, is a leader in the flat-rolled aluminum products sector.

Assan Aluminyum implemented a Quintiq supply chain planning and optimization solution to schedule seven continuous strip casters, cold mills, foil mills and downstream activities. The program was introduced in the Tuzla plant in three phases.

The first phase was to plan all incoming raw materials and production processes for coil, sheet and foil, and create all the job orders. The second phase was to schedule these job orders and optimize operations. The third phase uses Quintiq software to generate due dates and create production plans 1-3 months ahead.
Our vision at Assan Aluminium clearly is to become a demand-driven company and to move our entire enterprise-wide processes to a more customer-centric approach while reducing costs and improving our profitability. By deploying Quintiq, we want to increase our agility to respond to our customer's changing demands and we will be able to realize significant savings in our supply chains by reducing inventories and handling costs, while increasing the plant output.
Mehmet Kahya,
Assan Aluminium