• Aurubis

With an annual production volume of more than 60,000 tons, Aurubis Stolberg GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Prymetall) in Stolberg is one of the five largest European producers of high-precision semi-finished copper and copper alloy products for the global market.

Its parent company, Aurubis AG, in Hamburg, operates plants at 12 locations in seven different European countries. It's Europe's largest producer of copper and an international market leader in copper recycling.

In November 2004, Quintiq was tasked with the implementation of the innovative supply chain planning & optimization (SCP&O) system that was to make planning processes in the rolling and drawing plant more efficient. Four years after the implementation, Aurubis Stolberg is reporting impressive results.
We were able to reduce WIP levels by about 15% and the lead times were shortened by several days.
Dr. Hamed Morid,
Head of IT,
Aurubis Stolberg