• Beltrame Group

The Beltrame Group has operated in the steel industry for over a century, producing rolled sections for use in construction, shipyards, and excavators. It is an industry leader in Europe with nine plants and a combined production capacity of approximately 4 million tons.

The group selected Quintiq to optimize planning and improve customer service across its plants in Italy, France, and Switzerland. Quintiq will provide a configurable software solution that takes into account Beltrame’s specific business goals and constraints.

The solution will free up capital that would otherwise be tied down by idle stock, and ensure that product lines are available for customer orders when needed.
We are excited about this project, which will, for the first time, give us an integrated view of production flows and inventory turnover across three of our most important European plants...Streamlining our supply chain operations will mean we can enhance our customer service, which in turn will give Beltrame a greater competitive advantage.
Beltrame Group