• Chalco Ruimin

Chalco Ruimin is a leading Chinese producer of fabricated aluminum, active in the high-end sector of the industry, and part of one of the largest aluminum companies in the world, Chalco.

It is located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. Its current production capacity is 120,000 tons of aluminum plates and foils per year. The products are widely used in printing, packaging, construction, electronic and consumer goods, among which the foil blank, plate and aluminum-plastic belt materials were recommended as key new products by the Chinese government. The products are exported to Europe, USA and Southeast Asia.

The Quintiq solution focuses on providing Chalco Ruimin with higher on-time delivery performance, lower inventory and also more transparency for the whole planning process. The total solution covers both Chalco Ruimin's plants, starting from continuous caster and slab caster to hot rolling, cold rolling and finishing line. Some coil providers are also in scope.
One of the factors that contributed to our choosing Quintiq was Quintiq's flexibility and functionality. Its capacity for integration helps us address current and unforeseen local requirements. The solutions will grow with us as we expand our business in the future.
Mr. Zhou Chenyun,
IT Director,
Chalco Ruimin