• European Gateway Services

European Gateway Services (EGS) is a subsidiary of Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam, one of Europe’s most advanced container terminal operators. It offers shipping companies, logistics service providers and shippers with rail and inland waterway connections between a network of inland and deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam and other ports. EGS also provides additional services in the field of customs, storage, empty depot and home delivery.

EGS took standard planning strategies to a new level with a synchromodal trip optimizer that utilized Quintiq’s planning and optimization software. The solution employs artificial intelligence to choose the most optimal modes and routes at all times. Synchromodal transport enables customers to operate more sustainably at lower costs and with greater reliability.

With Quintiq, EGS can now manage higher levels of complexity without being shackled by technological limitations. All possible modes and routes are dynamically evaluated. This allows the system to perform a wide search in real time to find the most optimal solution in terms of costs, on-time delivery and capacity utilization among other KPIs.