• Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration's mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. The FAA's 48,000 employees operate the air traffic and navigation system in the United States, regulate civil aviation, airport safety and commercial space transportation, and advance aviation safety globally.

Quintiq's employee planning and optimization solution provides FAA managers with an optimal software solution across all planning horizons. Advanced optimization engines and extensive what-if capabilities will improve the FAA's long-term workforce planning.

In addition, the Quintiq off-the-shelf system has many advanced capabilities that the FAA may utilize to manage annual leave planning, efficiently create shift plans, allocate shifts to individual employees, and support short-term absenteeism management (sick leave, short-term leave).

The software supports a range of self-service functions for employees, such as swapping shifts with colleagues and requesting leave, by helping managers evaluate the feasibility and implications of each request.
The FAA agreement marks an important milestone in our company growth. Our current customer base covers more than 30% of the global airspace. The ANSP vertical is yet another market where Quintiq has achieved leadership; we are committed to extending our market leading position further in the coming years.
Victor Allis,
CEO Quintiq