• Howard Tenens

Howard Tenens is one of the largest privately owned third party logistics management service providers in the United Kingdom. With a fleet of over 200 trucks and three million square feet of storage facilities throughout Great Britain, Howard Tenens specializes in managing demanding logistics contracts by providing customer-oriented distribution and warehousing services.

The Quintiq solution was chosen to improve the planning, management and execution of Howard Tenens's logistics operations. It assists Howard Tenens in maximizing operational efficiencies and lowering operational costs by optimizing resource utilization. The Quintiq solution provides operations management in real-time to help Howard Tenens's planners confidently handle frequent, last-minute scheduling disturbances, thus maintaining a high level of customer service and minimizing empty mileage.
Quintiq will support our growth by making us more attractive to potential customers and by maximizing our resources. We have invested in a Transport Planning and Management Solution that will allow our operation to meet the demands of today, but that will also flex to accommodate the contracts of tomorrow.
Julian Beecham,
Deputy CEO,
Howard Tenens