• Hulamin

Hulamin is Africa's leading independent producer of semi-finished and fabricated aluminum products.

Although Hulamin Rolled Products and Hulamin Extrusions together represent over 90% of the group, Hulamin also operates a number of downstream companies. These include two businesses focused on the building and construction industries: one supplies aluminum extrusion-based architectural systems and the other supplies roll formed aluminum roofing and cladding.

Quintiq's planning and optimization solution provides advanced capacity and workflow planning to ensure a steady flow of metal from Hulamin's hot mills to its downstream processes.

By mapping each planning action with planners' decisions and its consequences, the Quintiq solution eliminates bottlenecks, optimizes resource utilization, and improves delivery performance.
The main benefits we are seeing from the Quintiq solution are in the areas of customer service and inventory management.
Lydia Gertenbach,
Planning Specialist,