İSKO is the world’s largest producer of denim fabric, with an output of over 250 million meters of fabric a year – more than 35% of the global premium denim market.

As a leader in the fashion world, it has become a point of reference for some of the most famous designers, and a source of inspiration for new fashion trends. And while it has invested much in cutting-edge technology, it needed a solution to meet rising customer demands.

To do that, İSKO chose Quintiq to optimize production at its factory in İnegöl, Turkey. The Quintiq integrated software platform will give İSKO full tactical and operational planning capabilities. The result: Higher throughput, better delivery performance, and improved due date compliance rates.
We are confident that Quintiq's software platform will help us meet rising customer demand through optimization. We expect to gain better control over production flows and inventory levels. These factors will enable more throughput and improve our delivery performance.
Haluk Hızlıalp Director,
IT & Strategic Projects,