• Logan Aluminum

Logan Aluminum Inc. produces aluminum sheet products including rigid container sheets, building products, automotive sheets, distributor sheets, and food cans.

It's jointly owned by ARCO Aluminum Inc. and Novelis Corporation. Logan has a premier manufacturing facility with modern, high-speed equipment and technology in the operational areas of ingot casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and finishing.

Logan Aluminum's specific objectives for implementing the Quintiq supply chain planning and optimization solution were to fully optimize its plant by increasing visibility of and enabling automatic planning throughout the entire supply chain.

In this way, Logan will be able to more efficiently and reliably fulfill customer demands and deadlines as well as reduce inventory levels and maximize capacity. It also seeks to address one of its more critical planning constraints: assigning capacity according to the contractual agreements.
Many software vendors told us that they could model our joint ownership requirements, but Quintiq was the first to successfully demonstrate that in a proof of concept using our actual data.
Candy Hardiman,
Materials Manager,
Logan Aluminum