• Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group

The Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) comprises five coal mining companies that teamed up in 2004 with the common goal of increasing export capacity through the Port of Newcastle, the world’s leading exporter of coal. Each of the five companies has large coal reserves that will increase movement through the port to 66 million tons per year.

NCIG utilized the Quintiq port industry solution during the second stage of the port expansion. The solution was integrated with NCIG’s equipment execution system and deployed in just four months.

With real-time visibility across the network for all stakeholders, including terminal customers, NCIG is able to manage and optimize the planning of berths, stockpiles and trains. NCIG is also able to take into account complex port, berthing, business, and safety rules. This includes a comprehensive range of functions including berth planning, stockyard planning, train-to-stockpile planning, stockpile-to-cargo planning, and maintenance planning.

The Quintiq solution NCIG enables planners to make better decisions by providing visibility of future outcomes. It significantly reduces planning time and costs and identifies capacity constraints and bottlenecks.
It was clear our existing systems wouldn't be able to manage the increased planning complexity with the ramp up to our intended full capacity. Quintiq demonstrated a deep understanding of port operations and their current port solution met our existing requirements with the capability to scale to meet our future goals and objectives.
Neill Bell,
Operations Manager,