• Otto Workforce

OTTO Workforce was founded in 2000 and specializes in international job placement. The company is a market leader in the Netherlands for placing European temporary workers.

Employee satisfaction is high on OTTO’s agenda. OTTO provides employees with lodging, timely and correct payment and transport to and from work.

After a thorough evaluation of planning software suppliers, OTTO Work Force opted for the Quintiq platform. The flexibility and reliability Quintiq offers proved crucial in the decision.

Quintiq's planning and optimization solution was integrated with OTTO Workforce's existing SAP environment, and is linked to OTTO’s tailor-made recruitment system (PARIS) and CRM application.
The Quintiq solution is capable of applying a large number of specific rules. Effective and efficient planning can thus be created through a largely automated process. We think this will let us increase our performance substantially and improve our competitive edge.
Arjen Kuneman,
OTTO Workforce