• Pandora

PANDORA is the world’s largest jewelry manufacturer by production volume. The company produces more than 117,000,000 pieces of jewelry yearly. Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, PANDORA employs more than 27,300 people worldwide. Approximately 13,200 employees are located in its three crafting facilities in Thailand.

Wanting to increase its production capacity to meet rising consumer demand, the company turned to Quintiq. PANDORA will implement Quintiq for tactical and operational production planning in the three crafting facilities. The Quintiq solution will enable PANDORA to optimize its production planning, which will play a key role in improving utilization of existing and future production capacity, and increase productivity.

Quintiq will optimize PANDORA’s utilization of production equipment as well as human resources by ensuring that the specialized craftsmen have the correct mix of skills to execute the planned production. The solution will also provide the agility needed to achieve high utilization and on-time delivery while considering peaks in seasonal customer demand.
With Quintiq's advanced planning system supporting our capacity expansion program, we will be able to scale up manufacturing capacity, increase our efficiency and increase agility to satisfy the demands of our valued customers.
Thomas Touborg,
SVP Group Operations