• Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media is an expert in live remote captioning, with specialist voice captioners and stenocaptioners working round the clock to cover live programming and events.

A team of accredited translators transcribes in over 80 languages to bring texts and programming to people across the world.

Rapid internal growth in a fast-moving industry meant that Red Bee Media had to find a way to simplify operations, by consolidating a number of different business systems, improving processes, and providing more focused management reporting. After reviewing four potential suppliers, Red Bee Media selected Quintiq.

Where planners previously had to cope with more than forty different spreadsheets, with Quintiq they now each have a single view of the whole process. This not only simplifies the planning process, it also reduces the risk of errors.

Just twelve months after replacing disparate planning systems with a single solution from Quintiq, Red Bee Media’s Access & Editorial Services team, which provides subtitling, signing and audio description to major broadcasters and content providers, is enjoying improved utilization of resources.
Quintiq was able to configure the system around our operational model, rather than us having to change our processes to suit the system. It was reassuring to see how they had already achieved this in outside broadcasting, another complex scheduling and planning environment. One of the major factors in our success has been the people at Quintiq. They employed a very effective way of modelling their system during the implementation phase to match our way of doing things. If I compare this with other projects, the quality of Quintiq's business consultants is extremely high. Ours is a difficult business to understand, a very specialized market, and they impressed us with how quickly they got to grips with the complexities.
Nicola Greaves,
Head of Operational Development,
Access & Editorial Services