• Royal Agrifirm Group

Royal Agrifirm Group is a cooperative of approximately 18,000 Dutch farmers and market gardeners. It supplies products and services to the livestock farming, arable farming and horticultural sectors. Headquartered in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, Royal Agrifirm Group has 3,100 full time employees and operates worldwide through multiple subsidiaries. Among them is Agrifirm Feed, a supplier of quality feeds and numerous other products and services to entrepreneurs in the livestock sector in the Netherlands.

With the commitment of maximizing the profitability of its customers, Agrifirm Feed needed its production and logistics processes to be responsive to sudden changes, and efficient in delivering superior products at competitive prices.

The Quintiq solution will provide Agrifirm Feed with integrated production and logistics planning for improved communication and efficiency across its supply chain. Additionally, Agrifirm Feed will have the ability to modify optimization parameters to respond to new and unexpected situations.
Quintiq has a deep understanding of the agricultural industry and the challenges that we face. We were highly impressed by the solution Quintiq offered because it completely meets our logistics and production planning needs.
Erik Hoogenboom,
Manager Operations at Agrifirm Feed