• Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is a global cruise vacation company with a vision to empower and enable their employees to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Royal Caribbean needed a solution to handle planning for more than 80,000 crew members, as well as scheduling for 46 ships traveling to 490 destinations worldwide.

Quintiq provided a solution which not only incorporates all relevant rules and regulations into optimized plans but also maximizes the productivity of crew members. Costs are lowered, while performance, profitability, and customer satisfaction are increased.
We are excited to have found a software solution that will enhance our employee experience as well as improve our ability to meet our business objectives by optimizing our scheduling process, We are looking forward to leveraging the technology to enhance our scheduling capabilities, resulting in improved cost efficiency, and higher employee (and customer) satisfaction levels with Quintiq.
Paul Parker,
Global Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer,
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.