• Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1928 with only two doctors covering a territory of two million square miles. Today RFDS operates 63 aircraft from 21 bases located across the nation and provides medical assistance to over 290,000 people every year. That’s nearly one person every two minutes.

RFDS selected Quintiq for a multi-resource planning solution. The Quintiq solution unified RFDS's planning processes, enabling it to utilize its people, equipment and aircraft optimally and reduce administrative expenses associated with planning.

Improved resource utilization reduced RFDS's need for external resources, such as accommodation and chartered aircraft. And by integrating the planning processes, the solution gave RFDS's managers access to more consistent information for improved decision-making.

Additionally, Quintiq replaced labor-intensive planning processes previously performed by RFDS's planners, thereby lowering labor expenses, reducing administrative inefficiencies and eliminating errors that traditionally occur with manual rostering procedures.
We selected Quintiq as a strategic planning tool to help us unify our planning processes and reduce overall costs. We are seeing demand for our service grows through the provision of a broader range of services to a growing number of people. We are very confident that Quintiq will support our growing needs well into the future
Nino DiMarco,
RFDS (Queensland Section)