• Ruukki

Finnish company Rautaruukki Corporation, which uses the marketing name Ruukki, supplies metal-based components and integrated systems to the construction and mechanical engineering industries. The company offers a wide selection of metal products and services.

Ruukki signed a corporate agreement with Quintiq to employ its software solutions company-wide. To date, Ruukki has implemented various Quintiq solutions at several plants and service centers all over Europe.

The planning solution developed at Ruukki in Raahe, Finland, is an implementation of the Quintiq metal scheduler and takes into consideration customer-specific constraints, logic and algorithms. Material reservation is supported by a highly interactive form, which is available in the industry solution and supplemented with Ruukki-specific rules to locate suitable slabs efficiently.

With Quintiq, Ruukki Raahe has reported the following improvements:

  • Decreased planned stock slabs by 15 to 20 percent, freeing up capacity for last-minute orders
  • Improved casting efficiency by over 10 percent
Thanks to Quintiq, our way of working has been developed considerably. Now it is possible to respond to the continuously changing requirements of process and customers.
Jaakko Koistinen,
IT System Designer,