• Schmidt Groupe

Schmidt Groupe (formerly known as SALM) is France's largest – and Europe's fifth largest – manufacturer of custom kitchen and bathroom fittings and storage solutions.

Staffed by 1,400 employees, the company markets its products in 21 countries under the brand names Cuisinella and Cuisines Schmidt.

Schmidt Groupe’s network of 610 stores generates an annual turnover of €1 billion, and each year the group re-invests €30 million toward innovation and growth.

Schmidt Groupe has been a Quintiq customer since 2005. Quintiq’s initial solution optimized the daily production of thousands of kitchen elements at Schmidt Groupe's four sites in France and Germany.

The customized platform included sales and operations planning, master scheduling, general transport planning, detailed daily and weekly planning, and resource optimization, as well as available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) functionalities.

In 2013, Schmidt Groupe upgraded its platform to optimize the simultaneous planning of production and logistics. This led to even better resource utilization and synchronization of business-critical activities.

Today, the upgraded platform plans the fulfillment of 2,000 orders a day. It also helps to plan Schmidt Groupe’s 200 delivery schedules, ensuring customers receive their orders on time.
Schmidt Groupe (formerly known as SALM) became the industry leader in France and fifth largest in Europe, thanks to sustained innovation efforts that included continuous improvement of our processes. Quintiq's solution enables us to commit to reliable delivery dates throughout Europe. This helps us maintain excellent service levels, which will enable us to further expand our presence internationally.
Jacques-André Feraud,
Project Manager,
Schmidt Groupe.