• Skyguide

Switzerland’s air navigation service provider (ANSP) skyguide has 1,400 employees. This includes over 540 civil and military air traffic controllers; 300 engineers, technicians, and IT experts for development and maintenance; aeronautical data operators, admin staff, and many other roles.

ANSP skyguide optimizes the planning of the rosters and tasks of nearly 800 air traffic control officers (ATCOs) and other staff using the Quintiq planning and optimization software. The system is called the Business Integrated Optimization of MANpower (BIOMAN) project and its goal is to enable skyguide to achieve greater planning efficiency and transparency, thus improving service delivery performance and reducing costs.

Quintiq was chosen for its ability to demonstrate that its solution will enable skyguide to achieve enhanced operational efficiency and service quality as well as lower costs. Additionally, Quintiq proved that its flexible system could adapt to the variety of requirements at skyguide’s different locations and integrate with skyguide’s existing planning systems.
A lot of time is gained by the application's possibility to create reports on absolutely anything, including calculated values, which allow us to very quickly check the total per week, month or year of any planning counter, to obtain statistics on vast amounts of data, and to track eventual errors.
Sandrine Fisher,
Skyguide planning expert and staff planner for Geneva operational staff